Utö Havshotel’s Services

Lecture hall

  • The hotel has a lecture hall for 40 people on the ground floor that can be used for conferences and lectures.
  • The lecture hall is equipped with a 60 inch flat-screen TV that can be used to stream images wirelessly from a computer, as well as a blackboard and a flip chart.
  • The lecture hall can also be used as a yoga room for 20 people.
  • The lecture hall is free to use for conference guests and yoga groups staying at the hotel.


  • The hotel has two beach saunas that you can reserve
  • Hotel customers can reserve the sauna in advance at the same time with room reservation.
  • The sauna is not included in the room price.
  • The length of the sauna reservation is one hour.
  • The sauna reservations begin at even hours.
  • The beach sauna costs 20 euro per hour + a 8 euro water fee/person, so for example reserving the sauna for one hour for two people costs 36 euro.
  • The saunas are open for use Mon-Sat 3pm-10 pm. The first booking can be made between 3pm and 4pm and the last booking between 9pm and 10pm.
  • Beach Sauna 1 fits 6-8 persons
  • Beach Sauna 2 fits 4-6 persons
  • Swimming is possible during open waters at the wharfs of the beach saunas.
  • The beach saunas are not in use on Sundays and they are the only saunas at the hotel.
Utö - Saarikierros ja Utön Majakka

Island tour and the Utö Lighthouse

  • Utö Island’s own local guide, historian Martin Öhman, will collect anyone interested in the history of Utö and the lighthouse from the hotel at 10.30 AM during the summer season (from midsummer to the start of the school year)
  • You do not need to reserve a spot on the daily tours
  • You pay the guide directly
  • Inquiries regarding other than the regular daily tours:
    Martin Öhman, phone 0400 353 192

Guest harbor

  • The hotel guest harbor has 10 buoys for boats.
  • The buoys are given to boats in the order they arrive at the harbor.
  • You cannot reserve buoys in advance.
  • Buoyage is 15 euro/day.
  • Electricity and garbage disposal is included in the price.
  • There are two toilets at the guest harbor for guests with boats.
  • The guest harbour has no water supply.