The southernmost sea hotel in Finland
N 59° 47′ E 21° 22′

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Utö Havshotel is located on the Utö island, in the southern parts of the archipelagic

The island of Utö

Utö Havshotel is located in the barracks of Utö stronghold, which were before used by the army. The island still has areas and caves, which are forbidden for civilians.

Utö is the southernmost island that’s inhabited throughout the year. It is known for the army stronghold, lighthouse, pilot station and birdlife. The view from the island is of its own kind: rocky and rugged.

There are 40 persons who live on the island regularly. During the summer that figure multiplies. There is a store and school on the island. The village of Utö was chosen as the most beautiful in Finland in 2017.

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Utö - Majakka

Utö lighthouse

The Utö lighthouse is the main landmark of the island. You can visit the lighthouse and its church accompanied by a guide only. The Park Victory shipwreck plays a central role in the story of Utö. There is a candelabra in the island’s chapel in memory of the sailors who drowned during the shipwreck.

You can get to the Utö island throughout the year on a ferry from Pärnäinen located in Nauvo.